Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine Download

Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine Download

You can set up your website by downloading Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine. You can install the theme to your website by simply downloading any of the Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine. All WordPress Premium Blog Themes are offered for free. If you have problems installing WordPress Themes, you can get information about how to install them by clicking here.

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Theme Name: Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine Download

Theme Owner: orange-themes

Theme Price: $49

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Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine Demo

Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine Download

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Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine Details

Gadgetine is premium blog magazine theme that will also work well for a serious news portal.
The theme is very friendly for affiliate marketers or just regular bloggers who wish to monetize their hobby. They will appreciate the ability to easily promote specific posts and create their own pages with no limitations (read landing pages).

Theme has its own configuration page, so you wont have to edit any code files! Setup is very easy.



* Updated WPBakery page builder Plugin
* WordPress 5.5 compatibility
* PHP 7.4 compatibility


* Updated WPBakery page builder Plugin
* Fixed related posts block layout breaking 
* Improved 3rd party plugin compatibility


* Updated WPBakery page builder Plugin


* Improved WooCommerce Responsive view


* WPBakery Page Builder update
* Other minor bug fixes


* Updated Visual Composer Plugin
* Improved theme texts for comment form
* Improved logo title and alt, now primary will be the image alt and title, secondary blog title.
* Added back to top button
* Fixed extended plugin shortcode buttons disappearing.
* Fixed category/tag page color picker


* Slider auto play fix
* Translation issue fix


* Added main slider to responsive devices
* Added new homepage block
* Other minor bug fixes


* Fixed homepage builder disappearing.
* Updated Visual Composer
* Added Gadgetine extended plugin
* Fixed Footer Menu on responsive devices
* Fixed PHP 7 error notices
* Updated language files
* Other minor bug fixes


* Updated visual composer plugin


* Updated visual composer plugin


* Updated visual composer plugin
* Removed social widget.


* Visual Composer plugin update
* Widget update for wp 4.3


* Fix for WP 4.2.


* Added success message after comment submit


* Visual Composer Plugin Update.
 * Added sticky sidebar.


* Fixed homepage content importer.


* Shortcode Improvement for WordPress 4.1
* Visual Composer Plugin Update


******************* VERSION 3.0 *******************

Major update
* Added completely new pagebuilder with option to add blocks in columns.
* Added video posts, that supports vimeo and youtube videos. The thumbnail will be generated automatically for those posts.
* Added weather forecast.
* Fresh design
* Added new orange themes management panel, where you can edit page style settings and lot more.
* Added new widgets
* Added responsive mode
* New gallery
* New contact form
And lot lot more..

******************* VERSION 2.5 *******************

*Edited files

******************* VERSION 2.0 *******************

1) Added Galleries
2) Added Homepage slider
3) The New Orange Themes Control panel
4) Added Google + Button
5) New Gallery Widget
6) Simple Image Upload!
7) Added Second Level Menu

******************* VERSION 1.2 *******************

1) Language (POT) files added .
2) Updated thumbnail sistem
3) Now you can choose where to have coments, under the post or on new page (jQuery)

1) Thumbnail bug fix.

******************* VERSION 1.1 *******************

1) Drop down menu functionality added.
2) Another layer of thumbnail generation added. If no other thumbnail is specified, theme will generate thumb from the first image of the article (but only if the image is uploaded via wordpress media manager).
3) Added new page template - non full width page (with both sidebars).
4) Theme comes bundled with Amikelive Adsense Widget for easier use of adsense banners in the sidebar.

1) Twitter share bug fixed.
2) Middle sidebar category bug fixed.

******************* VERSION 1.0.6 *******************


1) Added support for custom category and tag base names. For instance, now your permalinks can look like


1) Fixed single post page similar article bug

2) Fixes youtube resizer error un IE.

******************* VERSION 1.0.5 *******************

1) Theme now supports WordPress thumbnail system. Just click "set featured picture" on your left in wp-admin post edit page, and select image.

2) Automatic Youtube embed video resizer.

3) Theme Configuration panel is now included by default, no plugin needed.

4) Added aditional filters to first category page, so incorrectly formated content has less chances to damage page layout.


1) Fixed bug with post tags.

******************* VERSION 1.0.4 *******************

1) Fixed social icons which, in some cases, seemed to resize incorrectly;

2) Some textual and visual fixes.

******************* VERSION 1.0.3 *******************


1)    Fixed minor issue with Menu misplacement in first page which took place if homepage was not defined.

2)    Fixed minor issue with images in search results and category pages.


1)    Improved the functionality of image resizer - it now resizes caption frames too.

******************* VERSION 1.0.2 *******************


1)    Fixed SEO problem with <pre><h1 /></pre> tags. Now only one H1 per page.

2)    Fixed problem with category URLs in news block headers.

3)    Fixed other minor visual and texual errors. 


1)    Added new option to admin panel - you can now switch on/off RSS icon and left side following RSS banner.

******************* VERSION 1.0.1 *******************


1)    Convert all PHP script opening tags to "< ?php" from "< ?";
This solves the PHP error:
“I get a lot of errors with your theme Òsyntax error, unexpected $endÓ
which occurs, when webservers PHP config has “asp_tags=0” 


2) Resolved issue with reseting news block settings.


1) If article has no image specified, a default one is shown, thus avoiding resizing of templates structure in some browers;

2) New function added to functions.php – news_blocks. It allows to output the 5 similar news blocks by just specifying the blocks position. Thus, your theme no longer needs files: news_left_top.php; news_left_middle.php; news_left_bottom.php; news_center_top.php; news_center_middle.php; Feel free to delete them;

3) New improved version of image resize script added; Please ensure, that its file has the same permissions as the previous one.


  • Weather Forecast – Free Weather Forecast using API
  • Banner System – Gadgetine has it’s own Bannery system, in which you can add images, text, videos or any other type of HTML code. You can add/edit all effects ( how often banners will show up, after how much seconds it will disappear, effects, fly in time e.c.).
  • Homepage – Unlimited homepages styles. You will be able to create your own homepage by dragging and dropping blocks, colums etc.
  • Contact – Contact page with contact form
  • Gallery – This theme is has a separate gallery system. You can choose between two styles of galleries: fancy box and standard jquery gallery (no more page reload on image change) . We have implemented a shortcode of gallery which enables adding a couple of first images to the post.
  • Blog – This theme offers everything you need for blogging, you can add avatars to your posts, automatic search of avatar from the post if it is not set.
  • Widgets – This theme is offered together with 9 widgets adjusted for the theme.
  • Language – This theme includes language (POT) files – now you can browse them easier and faster. This theme is easily adjustable to other languages by using PoEdit programme which is available free.
  • Shortcodes – This theme contains shortcodes which can be inserted both by adding shortcode in the post field or by using specific shortcode insertion buttons which make using the shortcode much easier.
  • Sidebar Generator – You can create unlimited sidebars and add new sidebar for each post or page.

Other features:

  • Responsive design;
  • More than 600 fonts from Google Web Fonts;
  • 404 Error page;
  • Easy shortcode use – insert them only with one button click;
  • Comments with reply functionality;
  • Drop down menu;
  • Menu with second dropdown layer functionality;
  • Powerful and easy to use configuration page;
  • Multiple types of making thumbnails;
  • Gallery that is based on WordPress custom post type feature;
  • Contact Form template included;
  • Works and looks similar in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome;
  • Easy logo replacement;
  • Easy favicon replacement;
  • Dynamic sidebar generation functionality;
  • PSD files included.
  • And a lot more!

You can view an example of documentation here:

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