Klein – A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme Download

Klein – A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme Download

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Theme Name: Klein – A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme Download

Theme Owner: dunhakdis

Theme Price: $39

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Klein – A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme Demo

Klein – A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme Download

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Klein – A Nitty-Gritty Community Theme Details

Klein BuddyPress & WordPress Theme

Klein is an innovative WordPress theme built to support BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce out of the box. Perfect for websites that interact with many users. The members of your site will be able to create profiles, send unlimited messages, add connections, or share important events that are happening in their life, discuss ideas through forums, and you can even sell products to your members.


Hundreds of enhancements and bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features. If you want to use the old version of the theme (version 2), locate the legacy directory inside the package. Future Klein’s update applies to version 3.0 and above.


What’s more?

Klein is tested to work with tons of BuddyPress plugins such as Events Manager, BuddyPress Media, WP Job Manager. Klein is coded with all WordPress best practices and principles in mind, it is geared towards plugin compatibility.

Even More

Klein is strongly tested and integrated with the most powerful and popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, Paid Membership Pro, Contact Form 7.

Buying this theme is really a sweet deal. But don’t take our word for it. It’s proven.


List of Features

  • Slider Revolution Included($15 Value!)
  • BuddyPress Ready (all BuddyPress components are supported, over 40
    inner pages.)
  • bbPress Ready
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Group Forums
  • WPMU Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Contact Form 7 Ready
  • BreadCrumbs (Powered by BreadCrumb NavXT)
  • 9 Beautiful Presets Included( See Demo )
  • Custom CSS
  • Child Theme Support
  • Tested to work with number of BuddyPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Sidebars
    • Post Custom Sidebars
    • Page Custom Sidebars
    • bbPress Custom Sidebars (forums, topics)
    • BuddyPress Custom Sidebars
    • WooCommerce Custom Sidebars
  • 14+ Widget Area
  • Smart Notification
  • 100% Responsive
  • Easy and simple theme options
    • Custom Backgrounds
    • Typography
    • Boxed/Fluid layout
    • Custom CSS Area
    • Base Preset
  • Built on WordPress standards
  • Post formats
  • Flat Design
  • No core changes (Future Proof!)
  • Clean Code
  • Super deep drop down menu
  • Contact form 7
  • IE8, IE9, IE10, Latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Dummy Content XML
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Dedicated Support Site ( http://support.dunhakdis.com )

Tested with over 40 inner pages:

  • Registration page
  • Login page
  • Password recovery page
  • Account activation page
  • Group forum page
  • Group single topic page
  • Group activity page
  • Group members page
  • Send invites page
  • Group settings page
  • Group details edit page
  • Member’s activity page
  • Member’s profile page
  • Member’s inbox messages page
  • Member’s sent messages page
  • Member’s compose message page
  • Member’s notices page
  • Member’s friends page
  • Member’s friendship requests page
  • Member’s groups page
  • Member’s groups invitations page
  • Member’s Topics Started page
  • Member’s Replies Created page
  • Member’s Favorites page
  • Member’s Subscriptions page
  • Member’s General Settings page
  • Groups listing page
  • Forum page with bbPress forums and recent topics
  • Forum page with bbPress subforums and recent topics
  • Contact Us page
  • 404 page
  • About Us page
  • Members listing page
  • Activity page
  • Blog page
  • Single blog post page
  • Blog archives page
  • Search page for bbPress (forums, topics and replies)
  • Search page for blog
  • Create a Group page (Details, Settings, Forum, Avatar, Invites)

Credits & Attributions

  • Inkefx – WooCommerce product demo
  • Ilias Sounas – Demo images
  • All images in the demo are properly licensed and are not included in
    the main package.


- version bumped +2 −2  css/sass/importer.scss
- Fixed call to undefined function error + version bumped +9 −9  functions.php
- version bumped +2 −2  style.css
[3.9.16] ~ [3.9.20] *
- OPTION TREE PHP7 Compatibility
- Fixed errors when using php7
- Fixed blockquote cite format when having too many text
- Fixed Typographical issue in documentation
- Fixed 4.5 deprecated warning about get_userinfo() function
- Updated WooCommerce Template Files Overwrites
- New set of layout testing under new WP.io Test Standards

- Improvements on WordPress Widgets - Sidebars
- Improvements on BuddyPress Widgets - Sidebars
- Improvements on Widgets - Sidebars : Dark Theme Preset 
- Improvements on BbPress Widgets - Sidebars
- Improvements on WooCommerce Widget - Sidebars
- Improvements on WordPress Widget -Footer
- Improvements on BuddyPress Widget - Footer
- Improvements on BbPress Widget - Footer
- Improvements on WooCommerce Widget - Footer
- Improvements on Presets Widget
- Improvements on BbPress - Pagination
- Improvements on BuddyPress - Profile Fields
- Improvements on BuddyPress - Profile - Notification
- Improvements on BuddyPress - Profile Messages
- Improvements on BuddyPress - Messages - Notices
- Improvements on BuddyPress - Profile - Settings - Email
- Improvements on BuddyPress - Profile - Activity
- Improvements on Contact Form 7 - Notification
- Improvements on Paid Membership Pro - Checkout Page
- Improvements on Paid Membership Pro - Confirmation Page
- Improvements on Paid Membership Pro - Account Page
- Improvements on Paid Membership Pro - Cancel Page
- Improvements on Paid Membership Pro - Invoice Page
- Improvements on RTMedia Profile - Media
- Improvements on RTMedia Single Media Page
- Improvements on RTMedia - Modify Image
- Improvements on RTMedia - Notifications
- Improvements on WooCommerce - Cart
- Improvements on WooCommerce - Checkout
- Improvements on WooCommerce - Single Product Page
- Improvements on WooCommerce - VC Shortcode
- Improvements on BuddyPress Sitewide Notice
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Jobs Shortcode
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Post a Job Shortcode.
- Improvements on BbPress - Create Topic
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Job - Job Types
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Single Job
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Job Preview
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Job Dashboard Shortcode
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Job Summary Shortcode
- Improvements on WP Job Manager - Sidebar Widgets
- Improvements on Mozilla - Theme Button
- Improvements on Mozilla - RTMedia - Lightbox
- Improvements on Mozilla - BuddyPress - ActivityPost
- Improvements on Mozilla - Theme Radio Button
- Improvements on Mozilla - Theme Checkbox
- Improvements on BbPress - Forum - Topic - Action buttons
- Improvements on MS Edge - Sidebar - BbPress Widget
- Additional Fixes WordPress Widget -Footer
- Fixed IE9 - Theme Textbox
- Improvements on  WP Job Manager - Footer Widget
- Improved RTMedia Support and Layouts
- Fixed BuddyPress Profile Fields Issue
- Fixed BuddyPress Chnage Profile Photo Issue
- Fixed RTMedia Notification
- Enhanced BuddyPress notification select field
- Enhanced BuddyPress notifications layout
- Enhanced BuddyPress send message layout
- Enhanced BuddyPress Friends Request layout
- Fixed Blog Gallery type
- Fixed bbPress Forums single
- Enhanced BuddyPress Group Creation layout
- Enhanced bbPress Group Forums Notifications
- Enhanced bbPress Profile Notifications
- Fixed bbPress Sticky Forums Formats/layout
- Fixed bbPress Search Results
- Enhanced Paid Membership Pro UIs
- Fixed Theme Dark Mode
- Improved WooCommerce Support 
- Overall performance & theme check compliance
- Fixed Gallery Post Format Compatibility Issues with WordPress 4.2
- Fixed BuddyPress Cover Photo Conflict with Gears
- Verified Compatibility to latest WordPress version
- Verified ThemeForest & Theme Check Compliance
- Fixed Paid Membership Pro Members Account Style (Dark)
- Fixed Headings Typography
- Fixed Mobile Padding
- Fixed Mobile Comments Hierarchy
- Fixed Mobile Alignments
- Overall improvements
- Fixed General Styling caused by VC update. Thanks
- Added WP Job Manager Support
- Added BP Profile Search Support
- Fixed the styles on Klein WP Job Manager and Klein WP Job Manager Dark.
- Fixed WP Job Manger styles, presets and dark theme.
- Added BP Profile Search, fixed styles and bugs.
- Fixed styles on Wp Job Manager, BP Profile Search and Mail Chimp for WordPress.
- Fixed bugs seen in Klein Wp Job Manager, BP Profile Search and Presets.
- Resolved Formatting Issues and Bug Fixes
-- Fixed Visual Composer Elements for Dark Theme
-- -- Carousel
-- -- Text
-- -- Widgets
-- -- Alerts
-- -- Accordion
-- -- Tour
-- -- Tab
-- -- FAQ
-- -- Social Media

-- Fixed BuddyPress Groups Create Permalink
-- Bug Fixes and Performance Optimisation
-- Fixed Color Presets Issues
- BuddyPress Members Invitation Bug Fix
- More ThemeCheck Compliance
- Updated Language Files
- Fix for WooCommerce 'out of stock' bug
- Updated WooCommerce template version
- Support for Visual Composer Parallax
- Support for Visual Composer Video Backgrounds
- Overall Stylesheet Improve
- Performance Optimization
- Bug Fixes and Etc.
-- Fixed Mobile Menu Sticky
-- Fixed Mobile Keyboard Display
-- Fixed Checkout Button in WooCommerce
-- Updated Google Schema/Structured Markup
-- Fixed Excerpt Bug in Post Navigation
-- Fixed Sidebar Notices
-- Fixed Comments Template Notices
-- Added Lost Password Link
-- Updated Language File
-- Updated Sidebars Notice Issue
-- Updated TGM Script
-- Fixed RTMedia Compatilbity
-- Fixed Dark Layout Contrast Issues
-- Bug Fixes
-- Updated PO and MO file
-- Updated localisation strings
MAY 15, 2015
-- Added CHANGELOG.txt
-- Improved Login Modal Close Button on Dark Layout
-- Improved Footer Aesthetics 
-- Improved Layout Tabs on Create Group Screen 
-- Added Anti-Aliasing to body font
-- Improved Members Alignment
-- Fixed 404 Error when creating groups using diffirent group's slug
Fixes v3.2
- added filter in wp_title and remove hand coded title tag for wp 4.1 version and above
- minor CSS fixes
New Features
- added the ability in theme options to hide/show author profile
- added the ability in theme options to hide/show blog sharing


Fixes v3.1.1
-Fixed Theme Options Setting  for Default Header Style
-BXSLIDER changed viewport padding to 0
-Added support for VC icon in gears
-Added members name and groups name in members and groups carousel
-Changed theme screenshot


Fixes v3.1
- Sub Menu alignment
- Added version in style.css
- Changed theme option version label
- Updated po file
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